Music is an eternal form of art, an emotional expression through a combination of sounds in a way to produce harmony and beauty of form.
It’s always been a part of human life for several centuries and has its roots into their lifestyle throughout the history. There has been
always an evidential passion of learning towards music can be observed by humans throughout the ages.

This passion for Music and human life has brought DRUMALAYAM to the society for serving the mankind by spreading the eternal form of art.

The Drumalayam, a place where music is treated as a sacred skill, has placed its footprint during the beginning of the 21st Century with
a passion for Music and Human Life. Since its inception the school has trained several people and has made many achievements.

A mix of contemporary rhythms with traditional blend is offered in an innovative methodology for better understanding of the students.
Apart from regular classes the school also houses a live performance troop called “Isai Mottugal”.